QR Codes – Way Cooler Than You Thought

QR Code
QR Code

This is a QR Code

Scan a two dimensional barcode with your smartphone to open URLs quickly. Sounds great! So why isn’t anyone using QR Codes anymore?

Well, they’re sort of boring, that’s why.

QR Codes suddenly became popular in classrooms around the fall of 2012, but by Christmas, everyone was pretty much tired of them.┬áSo what’s the problem?

QR Codes for simple URLs don’t help.

QR codes are usually used to represent simple URLs such as http://edutopia.com or http://nytimes.com. We saw these QR codes all over the place – on billboards, buses, concert promotions RIGHT NEXT to the printed URL of the website! Why would your audience bother scanning a QR code when they can just manually enter the product name into Google and tap the page when it comes up? Good question. It’s exactly why QR codes lost popularity.

How can we make them cool again?

It’s pretty simple – you should only make QR codes for content that either feels exclusive, or for pages with longer, difficult to type URLs. Just remember – don’t create a QR code for a URL that’s trivial to search for or quick to enter manually.

What tools are teachers using to create QR Codes?

Here are a just a few…

Flipasaurus creates QR Codes to your flipped class videos.

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